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Evaluate student competency.
Simplify scheduling.

Simple. Intuitive. Fast. Accurate.

Technology should never impede your ability to teach or learn.
Our platform allows you to focus on what's most important.


Painless Onboarding

Sign up and prepare for your next EMT or paramedic cohort in just a few minutes. Setting graduation requirements is easy for any certification level. For paramedics, you can initialize your requirements to the CoAEMSP recommended minimums and then adjust for your program. We also support state-specific requirements for any certification.

Data Integrity

Your data is safe with us. Every eval action is time stamped, stored with the latest cloud technologies, and backed up across multiple data centers. And if you'd rather not take our word for it, your data can be safe with you! Easily export your entire organization's data set to an Excel file for safekeeping.


Uniform Experience

on Mobile and Web

Our mobile and web apps are built with the same technology, so we can consistently maintain our platform and deliver new features that work identically everywhere.

Mobile app highlights:

  • Real-time updates

  • Works offline with automatic data sync

Web app highlights:

  • Feature parity with mobile app

  • Advanced reporting

  • Data export

Evals Evolved

Capturing detailed evaluations has never been this smooth. Use a tablet for the ultimate experience. We've also upgraded the traditional paper forms so you can use your mobile device camera to capture written scores and comments in seconds.



Simulation Sessions allow anyone in your program to facilitate a team-driven simulation and evaluate the performance of multiple students simultaneously.

sim sessions ipad dark.png

Confirm Competency

All evals are verified by the evaluator. Peers and instructors verify accuracy within the app, while preceptors can choose to use the app, receive a validation link via email, or submit a digital signature using a student’s device. To provide additional oversight, program directors and designated instructors can audit evaluations.

Simple Scheduling

Add approved clinical and field shifts to your program's calendar and allow students to choose from available shifts. 

Track shift attendance using our GPS "clock in" feature.

Set a documentation deadline to make sure students promptly enter data after each shift.

Easily share clinical and field locations with other EMS programs in your area.

scheduler comp web and mobile.png


The EMCE mobile app is free!

Download and start using the EMCE mobile app today!

EMCE is always completely free for instructors and preceptors.


Students can use the free app to join a cohort and evaluate skill performance in the lab, but will need upgrade to EMCE Pro to see your program's available internship shifts and to appear in reports.


Prices are per student certification (in US dollars) and include all EMCE features for one price. Please contact us to get a quote or place an order.







Give us a shout if you are interested in using EMCE for other professions or certifications.


Get in Touch

We'd love to hear about your EMS or Fire program!

Please reach out if you'd like more information or a demo.

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Thank you!

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